ASAHI SUPER DRY brewed in Great Britain garnered "Champion Beer" award at the world's oldest international beer competition (Brewing Industry International Awards 2011 Keg Lager Competition [Class 2 for Lager 4.8%-6.9%ABV]) The world's oldest international beer competition,spanning 125 years of history since first being held in Great Britain in 1887.

ASAHI SUPER DRY produced and sold in Great Britain won the “Champion Beer” award, the top prize in the Keg Lager Division, at the Brewing Industry International Awards 2011 held in London.

First exported to Great Britain in 1995, ASAHI SUPER DRY is currently brewed and sold in England by Shepherd Neame Limited. Recognition as a premium beer, Asahi Super Dry has increased brand awareness amongst professional consumers with the widespread distribution in local restaurants, bars in UK.

Mr. Koji Tsuzuki, General Manager - Europe Branch, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Mr. Tom Falcon, Production and Distribution Director,Shepherd Neame

Guildhall, venue for the awards ceremony

View of the awards ceremony


Brewing Industry International Awards (BIIA):

The oldest international beer competition, held yearly in Great Britain. This year’s tasting competition, the 125th anniversary event, was held on February 9 – 11 in the city of Burton-upon-Trent in central England.

About the BIIA divisions and classes

There are nine broad categories including, in addition to the “Keg Lager Division,” a “Keg Ale Division,” a “Smallpack Lager Division” and a “Smallpack Ale Division,” that are divided into 32 classes according to considerations such as alcoholic content, with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards given at the judging event for each class. In addition, a “Champion Beer” is selected at the awards ceremony from among the Gold Prize winners to receive the highest honor in each of the nine divisions.

About the BIIA judging

The judging, performed by means of blind tastings without reference to entries’ names or brands, is carried out by 30 judges composed of head brewers, production managers, quality control managers and other similarly experienced brewers from the brewing divisions at beer manufacturers and breweries in every country of the world, with awards given by consensus following comprehensive evaluations of taste, quality and other commercial considerations.

Number of entries at this year’s BIIA

This year’s event attracted 796 beers from 42 countries around the world that were entered in a total of nine divisions and 32 classes.

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Asahi began exporting SUPER DRY. Total sales of approximately 10,000cases (large 633ml bottles × 20 bottles conversion; the same conversion used below)
January 2000
Staropramen Brewery (Head Office: Prague) began local production of ASAHI SUPER DRY in Czech Republic for the European market.
September 2005
With sales growing dramatically in Great Britain, Shepherd Neame Ltd. began production of ASAHI SUPER DRY in the UK.
January 2007
Asahi changed contract with Shepherd Neame to a licensing agreement and begins efforts to help expanding SUPER DRY sales and increasing Brand Equity, Asahi agreed to let Shepherd Neame handle all the activities from brewing to sales and marketing.
Sales of Asahi Super Dry has been driven largely by 20% each year, approximately 400,000 cases in 2010 (2.5 times growth compared to 160,000 cases in 2004 before the alliance with Shepherd Neame).

As a result of cooperation with Shepherd Neame, the number of pubs handling keg beer for commercial establishments expands 60 times from about 10 outlets in 2004 to roughly 600 establishments in 2010.

Offering keg beer has increased awareness of SUPER DRY as a premium beer brand, particularly in the young executive target bracket (young, affluent consumer bracket) and the stylish pub business category, and has been linked to the large increase in the number of local restaurants and pubs offering SUPER DRY. Moreover, availability at restaurants has expanded not only in London but also in the regional urban centers of Liverpool and Manchester.

(Photograph) More restaurants and pubs in GreatBritain are also carrying SUPER DRY.

Opened in 1871, Royal Albert Hall is a world-renowned concert hall where a wide range of events, including music events ranging from classical music to jazz, opera and rock as well as dance performances and lectures, are held each day. The hall has seating capacity for 5,000 people, and today SUPER DRY is sold as the main beer at all 13 bars and restaurant located in the hall.

(Photograph) ASAHI SUPER DRY is sold a bars in Great Britain’s Royal Albert Hall